Want to know about courses I teach?

I am delighted to be a Faculty member of The School of Life.

Through the School, I am delighted to design, write and teach a number of  courses; for dates of upcoming courses, click here.

How to Choose a Partner (daytime or evening class) does exactly what it says on the tin, helping us understand the key influences that affect the decisions we make about love and the crucial steps we need to take to make our search more effective; it is based on my latest book of the same name.

How to Move on From a Relationship (daytime or evening class) is a class for anyone wanting to recover from the ending of a relationship and move forward into the future with hope rather than bitterness.

Making the Most of your Sex Life (one-day workshop, women only) offers you an opportunity to discover what a ‘good’ sex life for you might be and how best to get there. Through a process of discussion and personal reflection we’ll explore important questions, from how to build sexual confidence and communicate our desires, to how to choose a compatible partner and navigate breakdowns in trust. 

Dating Better (one day workshop) This workshop allows us to explore in depth how we make our love choices. We first look at the way society has changed in its understanding of relationships, then track our own experiences of attraction, before considering  the practical and emotional strategies we need to make good decisions. (This course reflects the shorter daytime/evening class, but allows more time and space for personal exploration.) 

Comment from a The School of Life course participant: “Susan’s wealth of knowledge, mixed with her incredibly empathetic and kind approach, filled me with a great deal of hope, a great amount of insight, and a renewed sense of positivity.”

If you’d like more personalised advice about any relationship issue, please email and outline your questions. If I feel I could help, we can arrange for an initial coaching session to explore how we would work together. I’d love to hear from you.