Want my personal clients’ experiences?

These are some of the comments clients sent me recently. All of them have given permission for their comments to be used – but as I always keep details confidential, I’ve not given real names here.

If you’d like support with a relationship problem, please email and tell me about it. If I feel I could help, we can arrange for an initial coaching session to explore how we would work together. I’d love to hear from you.

Tonia: When I first went to Susan, I hadn’t dated in a long while.  It was a revolution for me. Her work goes so far beyond practical dating tips or encouraging words. I feel that my time with Susan has, for the first time ever, made me accept myself. I developed tools for dealing with conflict and compromise, and a rich inner life which led to deep contentment alone, which was necessary before finding a partner. I am now in a relationship which is rewarding in ways I could never have imagined.

Cleo and Jude: We took three sessions with Susan before our forthcoming wedding; through a combination of coaching sessions and structured homework exercises, she helped us explore our family and relationship pasts, practise new skills for reconnecting and imagine a wonderful future together. Everything we did brought us invaluable insight that fortified our bond. Today, we continue to celebrate our marriage.

Ramesh: I wrote to you feeling I would never find love. But you gave me confidence that it was not all about my flaws, but about the way I saw the world and about not meeting someone who would accept me for me. I’ve now met a wonderful girl who is happy being with me for me, and we are blissfully married. Thank you!

Jules: Susan has been a fantastic help to me/us.  As a result, my husband and I have discovered a new, highly erotic and wonderful side of our relationship.  Susan’s style is wonderfully warm, patient and non-judgmental.  I would strongly recommend her and am happy to speak to potential clients who want a personal reference.

Zara: Susan helped me contemplate past relationships, define what I actually wanted and identify past choices that had kept me from succeeding. By my fifth monthly session I had begun a new relationship with a man who seems to have the same objectives. I ended my sessions knowing Susan is always here for me if I need future support. She is a true gem.

Pam: Susan takes you on a journey from and back to yourself. Her experience means you are always supported, always encouraged and your boundaries are gently pushed. She has helped me to be more courageous and to take risks I didn’t think were possible.

Jane: Working with Susan supported me to access a level of resilience I didn’t know was there. I felt endorsed just for being who I am. It was such a powerful experience, and a real lesson in recognising my emotions and valuing my intuition. Skilfully, compassionately, and wisely done too.