Need a media commentator?

I regularly comment for both print and broadcast media, analysing the relationship psychology behind news items or social trends. I also help features editors and broadcast producers develop ideas for relationship features and programmes. These are a few of my recent highlights.

– I’ve commented for all the UK daily and Sunday papers, plus a number of US and European publications and websites.

– I’ve appeared on Woman’s Hour, Radio Five Live, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC World Service, as well as many local radio stations and a number of US radio and television programmes.

My past highlights include:

– spending two years co-presenting Sex in the City, a weekly two-hour advice phone-in on LBC radio, the most-listened-to programme in Britain in that time slot.

– advising the Enduring Love? project at the Open University on maximising their public engagement strategy.

– helping the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists to create and train their media team.

– being shortlisted for the Family Planning Association’s annual Award for journalistic excellence; I have over the years also served as a judge for several FPA awards.

I’m a Professional Associate of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists, and an Associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine, on whose Council for Sexuality and Sexual Health I serve. I’m also an Ambassador for Relate Cambridge, and a Patron of the Outsiders charity. I’ve been named as one of the Family Planning Association‘s 21st Century Achievers and have also won a number of awards for my work, most recently being named UK Dating Expert of the Year 2015 at the UK Dating Awards.

Want to reach me direct? Email me or ring on +44 (0)1223-329966.

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