When love is a challenge…

When your personal relationship’s good then life’s good too. But sometimes, love is the hardest thing in the world to get right.

You want to find a wonderful partner, but there seems to be no one out there for you. You want to have a wonderful love life, but things are bad much more often than they’re good.  Whenever you try to turn things round, nothing seems to work.

It’s not your fault nothing works. Because it’s really hard to untangle love problems from the inside. You need someone on the outside – to spot where you’re going wrong, give you a new perspective, support you to get your confidence back.

Since 1981 I’ve helped thousands of people find, build and keep love through my writing, teaching and coaching.

Through coaching, I help clients: find the right partner; meet the challenges of online dating; rekindle the sexual spark; reclaim the ‘in love’ feeling; resolve conflict; survive an affair; leave a bad relationship; recover from a broken heart. If any of these are issues for you, then coaching could help.

As a coach, I work very practically and very positively. Yes, there’ll be room for you to talk about worries and concerns, but we’ll also raise your confidence and help you build on your successes. Above all, we’ll focus on discovering what you really need from love – then we’ll work together to create the best relationship possible for you.

I currently work in Cambridge, and also in London at the Counselling King’s Cross therapy rooms.

If you’d like support with a relationship problem, email me and tell me about it. If I feel I could help, we can arrange for an initial coaching session to explore how we would work together. I’d love to hear from you.