Want to read case studies?

Here are some case studies of work I’ve done with clients during the past twelve months. I’ve changed names and details to prevent confidentiality, but the account of the ways I’ve helped is as it happened.

“My assistants keep taking over” A self-employed accountant needed an organised PA. But the price of hiring ‘organised’ was that her assistants tried to manage her rather than the other way round.

“No-one can do what I do” A growing company was held back because the ‘talent’ owner couldn’t see a way to offload any of his work.

“My staff don’t listen to me” The owner manager of a gardening company found that his staff took him for granted and went their own way.

Want to explore how I could help? Please email me with a brief outline of your situation and I’ll get back to you. If I feel I could help, we can arrange for an initial coaching session to explore how we would work together. I’d be delighted to hear from you.