Want to know what I offer?

Whether you’re heading up your own enterprise or are part of a team, what you don’t need in business are relationship problems. They don’t just make every working day a struggle, they also impact on your bottom line. You can’t put heart and soul into your business if you’re distracted by the inter-personals.

Problem is, few training or consultancy programmes are designed to sort out those inter-personals. Such programmes may offer business models, or group courses – but what you need is to know how to go into work tomorrow and sort out your stroppy assistant (or colleague, or manager, or MD).

Since the early Eighties I’ve not only trained, advised and written on relationship issues, I’ve also run three of my own small- to medium-sized companies. I’ve hired and managed many hundreds of people, many of whom have stayed with me happily for years. Yes I’ve made mistakes – but I’ve also learned how to create great, productive work relationships.

Now I’m using my business experience and my background in psychology to offer coaching specifically aimed at resolving toxic workplace inter-personals. (I’m particularly enthusiastic about helping small, talent-based companies because that’s the kind of company I myself run.)

I can help with issues such as: handling the boss who makes you crazy; remotivating an employee who’s off the boil; sorting out a colleague who’s draining team energy; hiring staff who really support you and your talent.

When we work together, I’ll look in detail at your particular situation and analyse just what’s happening and why. But we won’t stop at diagnosis; I will then actively support you, and any members of staff who may be facing (or adding to) the current problem, so you’re freed up to concentrate on what’s important: the work.


Want to explore how I could help? Please email me with a brief outline of your situation and I’ll get back to you. If I feel I could help, we can arrange for an initial coaching session to explore how we would work together. I’d be delighted to hear from you.